Explore our Matterport Virtual Tour BelowMatterport Virtual Tours are the most immersive, visually engaging, and comprehensive way to explore property.

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Draw In Potential Clients
Instead of just showing photos of your spaces to prospective clients and customers, you can now let them virtually experience it.

Image galleries, 360 degree panoramas and even fly-through videos lack the perspective and feel that clients and customers crave. Our 3D Virtual Tours create an emotional connection with the space. This is a much higher-end experience than so called virtual tours that have been around for years.

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Matterport Technology
Wellman 3D uses professional Matterport Cameras to create a quality 3D visualization of physical spaces.

Our powerful Matterport 3D cameras create virtual walk-through showcases similar to Google Street View on Google Maps but with high-definition resolution. This isn’t just a panoramic photo taken from an isolated location. This is a full-scale digital model with rapid 3D visualization.

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Explore Sample ModelsRendering Space provides services for many different types of spaces.


Residential Real Estate

When home sellers see that you’ll be advertising their property in virtual 3D, they’ll know their listing is going to stand out in the market. Using a 3D showcase by Rendering Space makes you their top choice to list their property.


Commercial Real Estate

3D showcases are the most immersive, realistic way for customers, clients, and visitors to conceptualize a commercial space. Conference rooms, entire offices, restaurants, and all other retail spaces are perfect for virtual showcases.


Public Venues

It’s hard to conceptualize how large or small a space is just from photos. Whether you have a theater, wedding venue, museum, art gallery or any other public venue, draw people in even before they visit.



Construction managers can share visually rich, 3D project updates as easily as taking a photo. Remote clients and teams can see a project’s status and get details for making design and purchasing decisions.



Hotel Managers, Innkeepers, and Vacation Rental Owners can now let potential guests explore rooms, suites, or amenities in vivid 3D before they make a decision. Impress your guests before they arrive for their stay!



Adjusters can capture detailed cost replacement data in visually rich, immersive 3D. Team members can then “walk” damaged properties as if they were there physically. Anybody can see accurate floorplans, take measurements and capture images from any angle.

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Announcing Matterport Showcase 2.0

We are pleased to announce that we will soon provide Matterport Showcase 2.0, the biggest feature update to Showcase, specially designed for our real estate customers. This feature release will our clients enhanced tools to promote their Matterport models and create curated experiences to guide their audience through a space.